Jason Crowley

Integrative therapy

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Thank you for checking out my website. I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

I am an integrative therapist and accredited member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and a registered member of the International Association of Psychology and Counselling. I work one to one with individuals, with couples requiring relationship counselling, with groups and organisations.

There are many reasons why people choose to come to therapy but whatever the reason it is a commitment of time, money and an investment in yourself. Perhaps you are struggling with anxiety, depression or a lack of direction in your life. Perhaps you are starting to question some assumptions about yourself and how you have fallen into being as you are. Maybe you are facing difficulties in your relationships or seem to always end up in the same type of situations and can’t explain why. Maybe something just doesn’t feel right but you can’t quite put your finger on what. You are not alone. We all, at some point, lose sight of who we are, begin to question our life choices and ask ourselves how we got here. This questioning can be the start of something new and invigorating.

I have worked in the NHS, at an alcohol therapy service, a youth homeless hostel, with sex workers, and with social care organisations providing counselling to former rough sleepers. I also facilitate group reflective practice with staff in organisations who work with vulnerable adults. As a result I have experience working with trauma, childhood abuse, PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts, addiction, self harm and personality disorders. 

My practice is informed by existential ideas, psychodynamic psychotherapy and humanism. I like to work creatively using images, exploring dreams and fantasies, as well how you feel about significant relationships, in order to help uncover the meanings you have given to your life experience. The freedom to be different than you are currently will often emerge out of the curiosity you develop toward your deepest, often darkest, desires and needs. 

A session lasts for 50 minutes and the minimum number of sessions is six. These take place in the same time slot each week. I can see you face to face in London E8 (Mare Street, Hackney); W1 (Oxford Circus) or EC1 (St Paul’s) and on Zoom if you are anywhere else in the world.

Get in touch for an initial chat jasonainsworthcrowley@gmail.com